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Creating Jobs

When it comes to the economy, the job of government is to promote local businesses and let the private sector do the driving. We should support candidates who make it easier for America’s job-creators at every level to go to work: less taxation, less bureaucracy, and less back-seat driving.



When a national healthcare law forces costs and premiums up, it’s the local economy that foots the bill of smaller take-home pay and greater uncertainty. We should stand firm and support candidates at every level who support common-sense reform over bureaucracy and mandates.


School Choice

The job of the school system is to provide for the children of hard-working American families—not the other way round. That’s why we should support school-choice programs that guarantee students the education they need by providing them the options they deserve. No child, here or anywhere, should be locked into a school system that puts itself before its students.


Honor Our Veterans

Honoring the sacrifices of our veterans is and should be a central part of our identity as a city and a nation. The most concrete way to show our appreciation is to provide them services that work—first and foremost, quick, easy access to high-quality services at properly managed VA offices. Our heroes should expect no less.